Shabari Restaurant

Shabari Restaurant at Jiwan Residency is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Rameshwaram and offers a rich variety of dining experience that leaves people contemplated about the taste and quality. We serve pure and hygienic vegetarian food.

Shabari Restaurant offers a rich variety of dining experience that leaves people contemplated about the taste and quality. We serve pure and hygienic vegetarian food. The restaurant’s concept and policy is based on the story of Shabari & Sage Matanga.

Shabari’s Story

Shabari (शबरी) was an elderly woman, ascetic in the later versions of the Hindu epic Ramayana. She is described as an ardently devoted woman, who received Rama’s darshan and blessing due to her Bhakti towards him.

Shabari was a hunter’s daughter and belonged to the Nishadha tribal community. The night before her marriage, she saw that thousands of goats and sheep were brought by her father, which were going to be sacrificed for the marriage dinner. Moved by compassion and pityness, she renounced the world and ran away from her home.

After days of traveling, she met Sage Matanga at the foothills of Mount. Rishyamukha, who accepted her as a disciple, whom she served with devotion. When her guru Matanga was about to die, Shabari(now an old woman) said that after serving him throughout her life, she also wanted to reach the “Abode of peace”. There upon, the sage said that by the virtue of her “seva” (service), Lord Rama shall give her darshan and asked her to wait for his arrival. Saying this, the sage sitting in lotus posture attains Mahasamadhi. As per her guru’s words, Shabari awaited for the arrival of Lord Rama.

Everyday Shabari would go out of her ashram, with the help of a walking stick and pluck berries for Lord Rama. She would pluck a fruit, first taste it, and if it was sweet, then she would put it in her basket and discard the sour ones. She wanted to give the good and sweet fruits to Lord Rama. The thought never came to her that she should not taste it before it was offered to a deity. Traditional writers use this narrative to indicate that in bhakti, such faults are not seen by God.

One fine day, Lord Rama came to see Shabari. On seeing Lord Rama, Shabari became ecstatic and said,”I do not have anything to offer other than my heart, but here are some berries. May it please you, my Lord.” Saying so, Shabari offered the fruits that she had meticulously collected for Lord Rama. When Lord Rama was tasting them, Lakshmana raised the concern that Shabari had already tasted them and therefore unworthy of eating. To this Lord Rama said that of the many types of food he had tasted, “nothing could equal these berries, offered with such devotion. You taste them, then only you will know. Whomsoever offers a fruit, leaf, flower or some water with love, I partake it with great joy.” Pleased with Shabari’s devotion, Lord Rama blesses her with his heavenly powers.
The Concept of Shabari as a name for our restaurant was proposed by Yogesh Chandgothia.

Conceptualized with the above idea, we look forward to provide gourmet and work hard for the same to attain the international standards of food safety.