Ariyaman Beach

Ariyaman Beach: Rameshwaram’s Gift for Sea Lovers

Ariyaman beach is located at a distance of twenty seven kilometres from Rameshwaram alongside the Palk Bay and is often recognised as the Kushi beach. Spread over a stretch of two kilometres, this place is a must visit for people interested in experiencing exquisite scenic beauty. What makes it different from the other popular beaches is that it isn’t exploited yet. There isn’t much crowd here so you get to spend some quality time amidst the magnificence of nature in its raw form. With tranquil waters and lucid sky meeting on one side and a range of Casuarina trees providing blissful shade on the other, this beach makes an awe-inspiring place which is not ought to be missed while stopping over at Rameshwaram for whatsoever reason.

Attractions On/Around Ariyaman Beach

It has not only got an alluring landscape for sightseeing but provides you with an array of choices to opt from:

  • For those who are interested in absorbing themselves in the bewitching scenery of the place can go for boating or rest under the shade of the Casuarina tress.
  • Apart from the sea bath that all other beaches bid as well, you also have an option of swimming pools here.
  • The waves are gentle so there’s no fear of sudden high waves and that makes it safer for kids as well. Talking of kids, it also has a children park within the vicinity of the beach. Surely you won’t like to deprive your kids from having the time of their life. Fun for them, memories for you!
  • There’ also a watch tower at the beach.

Water Sports

There’s no option you can call Ariyaman Beach a boring inactive place exaggerated in narrative. Those with an adventure streak within them can opt for the water based sports offered there with the help of experts. It includes:

  • Wind Surfing– The experience of wind surfing is dissimilar here as the swiftness of waves is different from other places.
  • Water Scooters– There are water scooters as well which visitors love to ride on.
  • Parasailing-“Up above the world so high!” A parachute is controlled by a motor boat and the adventure seekers can enjoy the mesmerizing view from 200 metres above the ground/water.

Other Attractions

  • There is an aquarium and a museum near the beach which tourists can consider visiting along with their trip to the Ariyaman beach.
  • If you want to spend some time amidst the panoramic view of the lovely place, there are cottages and dormitories available near the beach, that too, at reasonable prices.
  • It’s a perfect place for one day picnics as well. With such an assortment of activities and attractions around, it’s difficult to decide on another place with matched qualities.

Apart from all these already in the bag, the beach is soon to have a water theme park which is currently under construction. The beach is not only a tourist attraction but is immensely popular among the locals too. It’s during the Christmas, New Year, and Eid-ul-azha that it witnesses the most number of visitors. You might like to feel the festive enthusiasm among people there. Adding another plus point, this place is much cleaner than other beaches you might have visited. With all the goodies into one giant bag, it’s difficult to describe it in a word or two. The only way one can truly appreciate its resplendence is by looking at it with naked eyes.

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