Rameshwaram, along with the other jyotirlingas, is the centerpiece of India’s spiritual tourism. Everyone know about the famous Ramanathaswamy Temple. But there are other tourist and pilgrim attractions in Rameshwaram. Given below is a list of top tourist attractions in Rameshwaram including all the temples and spiritual attractions.

Ramanatha Swamy temple

This temple is dedicated to lord Ramanatha Swamy & Lordess Parvadhavardhini .It is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas of India. Ramanatha swamy temple is very famous for its longest temple corridor ever built in India.The temple comprises of twenty-two wells where the taste of the water of each well is different from one another. The water of the wells are believed to possess medicinal properties and has special significance. This kind of a setup cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Agni teertham

At a stone throw away from the Ramanatha Swamy Temple is Agni teertham. The sacredness of the place makes it a popular bathing spot with the pilgrims. A dip in the Agni teertham is believed to wash away the sins of the pilgrims. Another faith among pilgrims is that child-less couples bathing in this Teertham and offering prayers to Lord Shiva at the temple would be blessed with children. New moon days and Full moon days are considered to be the most auspicious bathing days here .Ideally a bath at Agnitriham precedes the visit to the Ramanatha Swamy Temple.

Ramjharoka Temple

The imprint of Lord Rama’s feet is placed on a chakra in the Ramjharoka temple at the highest point of the Island of Rameswaram this makes Gandamadana Parvatham a major tourist attraction. The highest point happens to be at a distance of five kilometers from Rameswaram town. Owing to its height Gandamadana Parvatham offers an excellent view of the Ramanatha Swamy Temple and the beautiful blue waters of the sea.


Dhanushkodi named after Lord Rama’s bow, is at the eastern end of the island at a distance of 18kms from Rameswaram. The boulders around the sea between Srilanka and Dhanushkodi is known as Adam’s bridge and is believed to be built by the monkey forces of Lord Rama to access SriLanka. Dhanushkodi is at a distance of two kilometers from the Railway Station and is easily accessible by road from any part of Rameswaram.Dhanushkodi was completely destroyed by the cyclones of 1964. Kodandarama Swamy Temple is the only salvage of the cyclone.

Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Though much was lost in the cyclone that hit Rameswaram in 1964 the temple of Kothandaramaswamy was undamaged.
The spot has a history of its won. It is believed that at Kothandaramaswamy temple the brother of demon king Ravana namely Vibhishana submitted himself to Lord Rama and expressed his regret about the abduction of goddess Sita.The Kothandaramaswamy temple has images of Lord Rama, brother Lakshmana, wife Sita, Hanuman and a remorseful Vibhishana.

Pamban bridge

Since 1914 the 2.2 Km Pamban Bridge is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. It was India’s first sea bridge, and was the longest sea bridge till 2010 . On 24 February 2014, the Pamban Bridge marked its 100th anniversary. It is also called as Annai Indra Gandhi Bridge.Similarly the Railway bridge connecting the island is noted for its unique opening for the ships to pass through the sea.


Devipattinam – one can visit this place during a travel to Rameswaram . It is at a distance of 70Kms from Rameswaram. A large number of devotees visit this ancient Thilakeshwar Temple, popularly known as Navagraha Temple. Lord Rama placed nine stones as symbols of Navagraha or nine planets at Devipattinam. Those stones can still be seen partly submerged in the water close to the beach of the Thilakeshwar Temple or the Navagraha Temple.