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Photo Gallery

Jiwan Residency Photo Gallery

[img src= Facade.jpg]48915Front Facade Evening Time
Front Facade Evening Time
[img src= Day Time.jpg]45051From Facade Day Time
From Facade Day Time
[img src= Entrance Gate.jpg]424010Front Entrance Gate
Front Entrance Gate
[img src= Reception POV.jpg]42151Portico Reception POV
Portico Reception POV
[img src= Lobby.jpg]37052Hotel Lobby
Hotel Lobby
[img src= Quadruple Room POV.jpg]37341Balcony Quadruple Room
Balcony Quadruple Room
[img src= Day Time Sea POV.jpg]28501Reception Day Time Sea POV
Reception Day Time Sea POV
[img src= Night Time.jpg]37520Portico Night Time
Portico Night Time
[img src= Double bed Room 1.jpg]39480Deluxe Doube Bedroom 1
Deluxe Doube Bedroom 1
[img src= Double bed Room 2.jpg]37561Deluxe Double Bedroom 2
Deluxe Double Bedroom 2
[img src= Quadruple Room.jpg]37971Deluxe Quadruple Room
Deluxe Quadruple Room
[img src= room Balcony.jpg]36030Quadruple Room Balcony
Quadruple Room Balcony
[img src= Suite 1.jpg]35440Siddha Suite 1
Siddha Suite 1
[img src= Suite 2.jpg]32430Siddha Suite 2
Siddha Suite 2
[img src= Suite 1.jpg]32810Himavan Suite 1
Himavan Suite 1
[img src= Suite Balcony and French Window.jpg]32550Himavan Suite Balcony and French Window
Himavan Suite Balcony and French Window
[img src= Suite.jpg]31000Himavan Suite
Himavan Suite
[img src= Suite 1.jpg]31723Kailash Suite 1
Kailash Suite 1
[img src= Suite 2.jpg]31760Kailash Suite 2
Kailash Suite 2
[img src= View from Room.jpg]34371Sea View from Room
Sea View from Room
[img src= Restaurant 1.jpg]31771Shabari Restaurant 1
Shabari Restaurant 1
[img src= Restaurant 2.jpg]29040Shabari Restaurant 2
Shabari Restaurant 2
[img src= Banquet.jpg]27590Matanga Banquet
Matanga Banquet